What is Tiles? Types and different size of Tiles used in construction

What are tiles?
Tiles are a finishing item in civil work.
In the past, we used to finish net cement on the floor and expensive items were mostly mosaics and now tiles are one of the finishing items. Tiles are the most modern floor finishes.
Color Control of Ceramic Tiles - Konica Minolta Color, Light, and ...
Image Source- Google | konicaminolta
There are many types of tiles available in markers.
here we will discuss about some common used tiles in construction
We now use many types of tiles:
1. Floor and wall tiles
2. Rustic tiles
3. Pavement tiles
5. Ceramics tiles
4. CT-5 Tiles or Birk
Tiles of different sizes are available in the market
12 “x12”,
 18 “x18”, 
20 “x20”
24 “x24”, 
32 “x32”,
 24 “x48” etc.
Wall Tiles: 
10 “x13”, 
10 “x18”, 
12 “x18”,
12 “x20”, 
12 “x24”, 
12 “x47”
Types of wall tiles are available.
thanks for being with us.
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