What is Stress?
Stress is defined as the degree of resistance per unit area provided by a body against deformation.The outward force that acts on the body is called the load or force.
Mathematically stress is written as, σ=P/A
Where,A=cross-sectional area
P=external force
Types of Stress?
  1. Normal stress.
  2. Shear stress.
Normal Stress :-
Normal stress is the stress that operates in a perpendicular direction to the region. It is represented by σ.
There are 2 types-
  1. Tensile stress
  2. Compressive stress
Tensile Stress :-
If exposed to two equal and opposite pulls, which is an increase in length, the tension caused a body is known as tensile stress. The tensile stress acts similarly to the area and forces it over the area.
Compressive Stress :-
The stress induced in a body when it is subjected to two equal and opposite pushes which decrease in body length is called compressive stress.
Shear Stress :-
Shear stress is known as the stress caused in a body when exposed to two equal and opposite forces that function tangentially across the resistant area that the body tends to shave across the area.

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