Different Types of Bond in Brick Masonry

In Civil Engineering Brick Masonry  work is very important.
So in bellow i am going to discuss abut that.

What is Bond? –  The method of arranging the bricks in courses so that the individual units are tied together is called bond.

Types of Bonds –

  •       Stretcher bond
  •       Header bond
  •       English bond
  •       Flemish bond    
  •       Herringbone bond
Stretcher bond – All the bricks are laid in this form of bond with their lengths in the direction of the wall.

Header bond  All bricks are arranged in header course in this form of bond. This form of design matches walls that are one brick thick.

English Bond This type of bond has alternate courses of header and stretchers. A Header course should never begin with a queen closer. It should not allow for continuous vertical joints.

Different Types of Bond in Brick Masonry

Flemish Bond – Each course consists of alternate header and stretchers in this bonding brickwork scheme. Any alternative course starts at the corner with a header.

Different Types of Bond in Brick Masonry

Herringbone Bond-The herringbone bond is a variety of bonding units which are laid at an angle of 45 to the direction of the row. Alternate courses lie in opposite direction resulting in a zigzag pattern.

Different Types of Bond in Brick Masonry

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