Definition of Brick and classification of bricks


BRICK: Bricks is define as one kind of artificial stone made of clay.



1. Sun dried bricks
2. Burnt bricks
  •       1st Class brick
  •       2nd Class brick 
  •       3rd Class brick
  •       Over burnt brick

1st Class brick
Ø A first class bricks is well burnt and regular in shape.

Ø Edges are shape and well defined.
Ø Its surface is smooth, clean and free forms cracks.
Ø It has specific gravity of 1.8

Use of 1st class bricks

Ø Masonry wall
Ø Flooring and walling purpose
Ø Shape bricked are used in carving, arches and coping
Ø Use for reinforced concrete structure

2nd Class brick

Ø Well burnt but irregular shape and size.
Ø It has a rough surface.
Ø It does not have a uniform colour.
Ø It has fire compact and uniform texture. 

Use of 2nd class bricks

Ø Use for unimportant situation, important structure and internal walls.

3rd Class brick
Ø It has a light yellowish color.
Ø It is not well burnt.
Ø It is soft.
Ø Its edges are irregular and quite rough.

Definition of Brick and classification of bricks

Use for 3rd class bricks

Ø Use inferior and temporary building.

Over burnt brick

Ø They are over burnt.
Ø They are irregular in shape and variable in the form of lumps

Definition of Brick and classification of bricks

Use of over burnt bricks

Ø Uses as aggregate for making concrete used in road work.

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